The newest Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1200G presented


Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

Xiaomi has unveiled its latest product in the line of water purifiers in the Chinese market. A device called the Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1200G is already available for pre-order at $ 462.

The Mi Water Purifier 1200G comes with dual reverse osmosis filtration technology, which the company claims has achieved high rates of water consumption, clean / waste water ratio and filter life.

The water flow rate is 3.2 liters per minute and it only takes about three seconds to fill a 150 ml glass. A liter kettle fills up in just 18.9 seconds. The company adds that the wastewater passed through the primary RO filter element is then filtered by the secondary RO filter element. The ratio of clean water to waste water is from 5: 1 to 3: 1 in different modes.

Wastewater can be used for washing dishes, watering flowers, and mopping floors. The secondary reverse osmosis filter element protects the primary reverse osmosis filter element. The purifier contains eight levels of deep filtration, which can effectively filter out harmful substances such as bacteria, heavy metals, disinfectants, and deeply purify the water quality to meet the water quality requirements for drinking water.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 1200G will go on sale on July 26th.

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