The Most Relevant Questions on Mac and iphone

The most asked questions and answers on apple products Mac and iphone
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The Most Relevant Questions on Mac and iphone

The Most Relevant Questions on Mac and iphone Apple’s products like Mac OS X, Iphones and ipads are well known for its better security features, reliability and excellent hardware configuration among users. Many people are prefer Mac OS than windows and iphone than android even if these products are costly than other substitute products available in the market.

This article represents some of the common queries or problems raised by the users which are new to iphone and Mac OS X.

How can I check the available storage space on Mac OS X?

It is very easy to check the status of available storage space in Mac OS X.

  1. Click on the apple icon.
  2. Go to about this Mac from the context menu.
  3. Go to storage tab. Here user can see the total storage capacity and available free storage space on your system. It will also provide details about the space required by the system, applications and the user documents.

Many times user can experience the low performance of the system The Most Relevant Questions on Mac and iphone if the storage space is almost full. Then user can optimize the speed by deleting not required files.

User can also synchronize their data with icloud or install addition hard drive in the system. Numerous Mac tools available online which clean mac disk space by deleting the spam files, junk files, temporary and registry files.

What is force touch in Mac?

Force touch features typically found in apple watch and Mac book products which identify different forces applied on and track pads and touch screens. It provides additional functionality to users, users and gives various commands by applying little pressure on track pads.

Users can perform different tasks like map zooming, rotate images and many more with force touch track pad.

User can change the force touch setting in the following way.
  1. Go to apple menu
  2. Click on system preferences.
  3. Go to track pad >point and click.
  4. By selecting the ‘click pressure’ user can set their preferences.

User can turn off the force touch feature by deselecting the checkbox of named as ‘force click and haptic feedback’.

What is 3D touch in iphone and how to turn off 3D touch?

3D touch is advance feature in latest Iphones which allows users to perform different task on home screen only. It uses pressure sensitive technology and sense the level of pressure user applies.

User can take selfie, click photo or shoot video, open mails, preview the websites with the 3D touch.

User can set the sensitivity level of 3D touch by going to > general > accessibility > 3D touch. To turn off the 3D touch feature user can go to the same and toggle off the 3D touch button.

How can I transfer media content (photos and videos) from iphone to Mac?

User can make use of icloud to access their photos and videos from any apple device. User can use following steps to perform photo transfer on apple to Mac without icloud. User should have the latest version of iTunes installed in the system before executing below steps.

  1. Make use of USB cable to connect your iphone to your Mac system.
  2. If user wants to transfer content from SD card then simply insert the card into SD card slot. User can also make use of card reader if SD card slot is not available in their macbook.
  3. Unlock the iphone and tap on the trust this computer alert on iphone after connecting it to Mac.
  4. After tapping on trust, it automatically opens the photos and videos folders. If it won’t open automatically open it in system.
  5. Open the import tab in photos.
  6. Click on device name from the drop down list.
  7. Here user can see the images and videos from their iphone. User can select images from them and then click on the import selected button to move all the content to Mac system.
How can I install beta version of macOS Catalina 10.15 with bootable USB?

For the process of creating USB installer drive user need 16GB or larger USB flash drive. After then user need to follow procedure given below.

  1. Insert USB flash drive in the USB port of Mac.
  2. Open the terminal application which is present on Applications /Utilities
  3. Type the commands given below by replacing the ‘untitled’ with your USB flash drive name.
  4. sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Catalina\ –volume /Volumes/UNTITLED && echo Catalina Boot Drive Created
  5. Check for the syntax of command and press enter key to run the command.
  6. It will ask for administrator password. Type it and press enter.
  7. This process can take some time wait for completing the process of creating Mac OS Catalina 10.15 installer USB flash drive.
The Most Relevant Questions on Mac and iphone If user wants to install Mac OS Catalina on the same Mac then run installer from the boot drive. Otherwise follow given steps to install it on another Mac system.
  1. Insert the bootable USB flash drive we created in the Mac system.
  2. Restart the Mac system.
  3. Hold the option key until user sees the boot menu on the screen.
  4. Select Mac OS Catalina installer option to install it into your Mac system.
How do I recover my iphone device after forgetting password?

After forgetting the password of iphone, if user repeatedly enter the wrong passwords then device locked itself. The device will not open until user connects it computer on which they last synchronize their iphone.

User need to restore their device if the forgot the password of the iphone. It is very important to have the backup of your data before restoring it.

User can use following steps to restore the iphone if user previously take the backup of their data on computer.
  1. Connect iphone to a computer on which user previously synchronies their data.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Search your iphone in the devices list and then click on the summary.
  4. Typically iTunes automatically synchronize your device after connecting it. If not then manually select synchronize.
  5. After completion of synchronization process click on restore button.
  6. Follow the instructions provided on screen to restore your iphone.
  7. In the process if again it ask for backup process then it is recommended to take the backup of the device.
  8. After restoring while setting up iphone click on the button restore from iTunes backup.
  9. After then user can select their device from iTunes and click on the most recent backup of your device.
The Most Relevant Questions on Mac and iphone If user previously synchronizes their device on icloud then follow given steps to restore iphone.
  1. Open web browser and visit official site of icloud.
  2. Use your apple id o sign in into icloud.
  3. Click on find my phone. From the all the devices select iphone which user wants to erase.
  4. Click on the erase iphone button.
  5. Type your apple id password when it asks.
  6. Follow on screen instructions to restore and click on the restore from icloud backup while setting up your iphone.

If user ever takes the backup of their device and forget password then restoring it the only one option but it will erase all the data on iphone.

User can get in touch with support team of Apple Canada for any questions while setting up device.

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