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SSD or HDD | Really fast?

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Solid State Drive (SSD) is next generation storage device . It is really very faster ( Read/Write) than Hard-Disk Drives ( HDD)
I compared between different SSD and HDD I used Crystal Disk Mark software to benchmark them

And here is the result below

Speed Test By CrystalDiskMark

Now hope you can understand which is fastest Storage device. SSD is approx 3x faster than HDD

Why do you need SSD ? 🤔

If you are facing slow windows boot up or your PC need speed in some case like Video Rendering ( like Adobe Premier Pro/ Animator / Illustrator)
In case of gaming and streaming ( YouTube / Twich / etc.) SSD is strongly recommanded
SSD consumes less space ( M.2 SSD) and much lighter than HDD

There is some best Types of SSDs in the market

M.2 SSD , 2.5″ SATA SSDSSD Add-in Card (AIC) , U.2 SSD 


BUT !! SSDs are expensive than HDD

Then What about HDD ? 

HDD is best for mass storage. It is very cheaper than SSD . Have a lot of games or media to keep on your PC ? No problem, you can get one or more drives over 1TB in size for a fraction of the cost of their SSD is same.
For building Website Data Center you must need HDD

Some of my best picks below

Best NVMe SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 
Best 2.5-inch SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 
Best HDD: WD Black 

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