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D-Link Router Support

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D- Link router is the award winning networking equipments company which is having its head office in Taiwan. D-link design and manufactures several range of products including routers, storage devices, switches, modems, DSL cables and gateways, wireless access points, IP cameras, etc.
D-link routers are the one of the top selling router which can be sued for the domestic as well as the commercial purpose. D-link routers are compatible to all the devices used in India. D-link is the first choice of internet service providers as it provides high speed internet connection in comparatively lower cost.
D-link is having excellent technical support services. D-link is having their official site which is providing the customer support services to its users. However user can also contact TechPcHelp D-Link router Support team for the assistance in their issues with the d-link routers.
No matter which type of d-link routers you are using, TechPcHelp is having expertise in resolving the issues of all the models of d-link routers.
Top and latest D-link routers in market:

  • D-link (DIR-878) AC1900 MU-MIMO 1900mbps Wi-Fi:
    It is Wi-Fi router without modem which is having the advance features like web setup wizard, de-militarized zone (DMZ), guest zone, highly secured firewall with network address translation, WPA and WPA2 security, quality of service and IPV6 ready, 4 gigabit Ethernet ports with 1900mbps speed.
  • D-link DSL-2877AL (733 mbps) wireless router:
    It is the wireless router with modem with the features consisting auto rate adapting, automatic channel selection, simple network time protocol, internal and external antenna, 4 LAN ports, 733 mbps speed, etc.
  • D-link DIR-600M N150 wireless router:
    It is Wi-Fi certified router which is having the features including less system requirements, NIC (network interface card), DSL modem, repeater mode, protected network from local as well as remote interruptions and many more.
  • D-link DIR-816 750mbps wireless router:
    It pocket friendly router having specifications like one page setup wizard, having LAN or Ethernet interface and Wi-Fi, DSL model, etc.
    Here are some of the most common problems reported by the d-link users.
  • No internet access in the particular area:
    Sometimes users are unable to connect the wireless network from the within router range. TechPcHelp tech support team is having years of experience in solving all kind of router issues.
  • Slow internet issue:
    It is annoying to work with slow internet. Multiple people are suffering with the slow download and upload speed. Certain setting is router can solve the problem. The experienced and well trained D-link router tech support team of TechPcHelp is able to handle the all type of the issues with all models of d-link router.
  • Unable access internet in connected network:
    This is one of the common problem in which user is connected to network but unable to access internet or access particular sites.
  • Frequent connection drop:
    In this user interrupted internet connection. This can cause huge loss if user is downloading some heavy files. Users often get this problem when there is urgency in the organization.
  • Unable to add device:
    TechPcHelp team can assist users to add the new devices in the existing network. Our online executives are always available to help customers in resolving issues with the d-link router.
  • Couldn’t see the Wi-Fi network:
    Many d-link users can connect to internet with Ethernet cable but unable connect with wireless network. Large company typically used the wireless network as it is not possible to provide LAN cable to every workstation. Wireless network also allows mobility to users as they can use the network on mobile too.
  • Forget the router password:
    Users should make the habit to note down the router and network password so it will be easy to check in case it is forgotten. If you forget the password of your d-link router then don’t worry just call on the numbers provided on the website and TechPcHelp router technical support team help to troubleshoot the problems.

For all the above problems with the d-link router network connections then contact the TechPcHelp router technical support team which can provide the quick solutions to your issues.
Customer satisfaction is the primary motive of the TechPcHelp and the support team or staff of TechPcHelp is working hard to achieve customer satisfaction. Our ever growing list of happy and satisfied customers is the proof of our quality of service provided by us.
User can get the instant support of the TechPcHelp team via phone or mail. Our team also provides the support via video call or live chat applications. If the problem is not getting resolved over the call or video calling then our executive will visit the site to resolve the issue.
TechPcHelp knows the failures in internet connection can cause serious loss to users. Due to this the dedicated team of TechPcHelp works 24/7 to provide excellent and holistic d-link router support sverige to the clients.

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