Most Common Mac Issues and their Fixes

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Most Common Mac Issues and their Fixes

Apple is famous for its awesome online support and answering the issues with minimum response time. There are large numbers available when apple users search for apple online support number. For the better customer services the call are connected from customer service members to specialised persons.

Online support and answering the issues

It is difficult to find the correct apple customer care number from the available numbers displayed on the apple support page so some of the most common issues faced by the apple users and their solutions are discussed in this article.

Frequently asked questions to Apple support team:

  • How to .exe files or windows on my Mac OS X system?

Executable files are stores with .exe extension. To run windows file format on Mac operating system, user needs to install BootCamp software or virtual machine with windows installed.

User can have free software which named virtual box and install the windows as a guest operating system in it. It is having the same features like commercial paid virtual machines programs but it needs to update regularly.

For the superlative hardware performance to the system, user can use windows with the apple’s BootCamp software. It makes the partitions of the boot drives, so user can install the windows in it and directly boots the system with windows. Users cannot use the windows system restore or other windows backup facilities with the BootCamp software. To take the backup user can use the WinClone which clones windows from Mac operating system.

  • How to find my images after iPhoto imports them?

Post iPhoto import, all the image files typically stored into Master folder which is present inside the iPhoto library package. As it is presents inside the package folder where normal Mac users rarely visit, users are unable to locate their image files.

User can export the image files from iPhoto and access it directly or can copy it to local folder. To do so go to 

Users > Pictures Folder > iPhoto library after this right click to iPhoto Library and select the show content option from it.

If still user is having problems with iPhoto then user needs to reset the database of iPhoto.

To reset the iPhoto database follow the given steps:

  1. Close the iPhoto software if it is open.
  2. Keep pressing the command options keys on the keyboard.
  3. Open iPhoto software.
  4. Keep pressing the keys down until and unless the rebuild iPhoto library option get open in window.
  5. Different options are available in dialogue box.
  6. Select the options which you want to use.
  7. After selection options click on rebuild to start the rebuilding process.

After the process of the resetting or rebuilding iPhoto database the recovered photos are stored in the folder named “Recovered Photos” which is present in source list.

  • How can I reset my password on Mac operating system?

For many reasons like security, changing user permissions user need to reset the password. For the better security apple support advised their users to reset their password after every 6 months. Here are the steps by which user can reset their password on Mac.