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[best] mcafee hardware 100% Compatibility Settings

How to use McAfee Hardware 100% Compatibility Settings…

The objective of this article is extremely clear. It will help you understand the mcAfee hardware better. Understanding the hardware compatibility is extremely important as this aspect can affect your decisions in a lot of things that can boost up your productivity or you will end up regretting your decision. Maybe you are searching for a new PC or perhaps you want to upgrade some parts on your current PC. Now there is PC part picker, where we choose our parts and that checks compatibility but sometimes it warns you that of some potential incompatibilities. It is good to understand and know why these parts are compatible or you know where to look for compatibility because it can seem kind of overwhelming even though building a computer can be fairly straight forward. Thus, let’s take a step further and let’s discuss compatibility. There are 6 things that are considered when looking forward to compatibility:

  • Motherboard ( as indicated in the name itself, it is responsible for all the processes that take place in a computer)
  • RAM (random access memory – it is the primary memory of the computer which unlike ROM – read only memory can be both read and written. By written we mean that the data can be altered, deleted, etc.)
  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit – This is responsible for the graphics of the system)
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit – it is also referred to as the brain of the computer)
  • Power Supply
  • PC Case size

Before diving into how to use the hardware compatibility setting tool by McAfee it is better to understand the minimum hardware requirements that have to be met to install windows 10. Once you are satisfied and know your computer meets these requirements, the next step is to verify the hardware you intend to use with windows 10 is in fact compatible with windows 10. This includes all of the internal computer hardware as well as peripherals like scanners, printers and webcam. In this article you will come to know how to check your hardware, so you can make sure it is compatible with windows 10. Let’s get started.

Why is hardware compatibility so important?

Why can’t you just use any hardware with windows 10? 

Minimum and optional hardware requirements that have to be met to install windows 10

Meeting these requirements will help in successful installation of windows 10 and will allow to get the most out of the operating system. You need to ensure that the device meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements for windows 10.

  1. The first hardware requirement is the processor. Windows 10 requires a 1 gigahertz or faster CPU to run effectively.

Windows 10 is available in both 32 bit and 64 bit architectures. So both 32 bit and 64 bit bit processors can be used with windows 10.

  1. Next is the RAM requirement. For 32 bit processor of windows 10 you will require atleast 1 GB of RAM memory whereas for 64 bit version, you need atleast 2 GB RAM memory.
  2. The next requirement to discuss is the hard disk space. 32 bit installs of windows 10 require a minimum of 16 GB of free hard disk space. However, if you plan on installing the 64 bit version, you should up this to 20 GB of hard disk space.
  3. The next requirement is the Graphics card. Windows 10 requires a graphics card that is compatible with DirectX9 or later. DirectX9 was originally released back in 2002, so the super majority of modem graphics card should support this. Furthermore the graphics card will require a WDDM 1.0 or better driver. WDDM or windows display driver model became the principal graphics card driver for windows system with the release of Windows Vista in 2006. So, again most modem graphics cards should support this by now.
  4. The final minimum requirements to look at is the monitor resolution. Microsoft insists on running windows 10 on a monitor that supports a super VGA resolution or higher. The Super VGA standard was first developed back in the late 1980s and as such you will be hard pressed to find a display device that doesn’t support this standard

It is a very common misconception that people have about the mcAfee virus protection, i.e., is mcafee virus protection a computer hardware? mcAfee virus protection is not a computer hardware, rather it is a software that offers protection against malicious cyber attacks like:

  • Malicious browser helper objects: It is a plugin that is added to chrome or any other internet browser externally to provide some additional functionalities which are originally not available.
  • Browser hijacking: As it can be understood from the name, in this kind of cyber attack the browser is hijacked without the user’s knowledge and his actions are being monitored at every instant of time. The objective of this sort of attack is to alter the settings of the browser and to use it against the user.
  • Ransomware: Ransom is the price that you offer  when you need something in exchange. This something can be used against you. You must have gotten an idea now what kind of attack is ransomware. Someone is in possession of some sensitive data of yours that can be used against you and is asking for something in exchange in order to let go that data. This type of attack is know as Ransomware.
  • Keyloggers: Keylogger is the most harmful kind of attack in which your sensitive information like your credentials, your bank account details can be used against you. This is done by an outsider. This outsider keeps a tab on your desktop all the time and gets access to your sensitive information that can be further exploited.
  • Backdoors:  There is something uncanny about backdoors. Backdoors are always used to sneak in or sneak out of your or someone else’s house. I think this statement is self-explanatory and you can tell what goes on in this type of attack. Some outsider enters your device without your permission and accesses your sensitive information / data in order to use that information / data against you
  • Rootkit: The are certain parts or areas of the computers that are only allowed to enter with proper authentication. When an outside entity tries to access these areas without having the legal authentication, it is known as a rootkit.
  • Trojan horses: Trojan horses are not very different from backdoor. They can be looked at as a click bait that attracts user’s attention and as soon as the user clicks on it, he/ she falls under a trap where his/her data can be used in a malicious manner which can be harmful.

Let’s get into the specification of mcAfee antivirus. The protection to the aforementioned cyber attacks is something that is any anti-virus must offer or else your device and data is under danger. McAfee doesn’t only offer protection against these attacks but also offers some additional functionalities that offer 100% protection against all kinds of cyber attacks that can harm or computer or whatever device you are using.

  • Firewall
  • A password manager
  • Secure file deletion
  • Malicious URL blocking
  • Antivirus 
  • Spam filter file encryption
  • App and web performance boosters
  • Basic free Identity protection against theft.

This covers the minimum system requirements for windows 10 but you should also know that there are some optional system requirements. Understand the minimum system requirements that I have covered so far mean exactly that. They are the absolute minimum requirements needed to get windows 10 installed onto a computer. However, there are certain features in windows 10 that can only be used if you have the necessary software, hardware or other requirements in place to support it. Let’s have a look at some examples of these features. 

  1. The first feature we will look at is cortana. Cortana is a brand new feature for windows 10 and is essentially a personal assistant. It is designed to help the user accomplish tasks such as finding files, managing calendars, and setting reminders. When instructing cortana to complete a task, the user must type the instruction in by using a keyboard, however cortana is also intelligent enough to receive vocal instructions i.e., the user can instruct cortana to complete a task by simply by talking to cortana. This will of course require a microphone to work.
  2. Another new feature to windows 10 is windows Hello. Windows Hello provides new ways for the user to sign into windows 10 using biometrics such as fingerprint scanning. It offers an alternative to using passwords. However, to use windows hello, your device will require a special hardware such as fingerprint scanner and special cameras for facial recognition. If your device does not include such hardware, you can’t use windows hello.
  3. The next feature is touch screen. Just like its predecessors windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10 is fully optimized for touch in fact most tasks that can be completed using a keyboard and mouse in windows 10 can also be completed with touch, however, this will require hardware devices such as tablets or touchscreen monitors in order to work. If you do not have these devices, you will have to use a keyboard and mouse.
  4. Next we have is bitlocker. Bitlocker first made its debut in Windows Vista and allows you to encrypt your computer’s hard disk. However, to use bitlocker your computer must have a special hardware chip called a TPM chip which is installed on the motherboard. Bitlocker can be used with TPM 1.2 or TPM 2.0 chips. If your device doesn’t have one of these chips, bitlocker can still be used but will require a USB flash drive instead.
Now that we know about what hardware compatibility is, we can understand whether or not McAfee hardware is compatible with your software or not. Let’s begin.

How to use the Hardware Compatibility Settings tool – McAfee?

The entire process as to how can you use the hardware compatibility setting tool is mentioned below.The hardware compatibility of XML is  settings and configuration that provides additional compatibility with mcAfee drive encryption. This can be manifested as a device failing to activate, boot looping, or an external input device not functioning at pre boot. The file is attached to KB 81900 and is also available on the download site. 

  • To install, download the attachment
  • Extract the attached XML file and the rest of the installation is done through the EPO console. Login to EPO console as an admin. 
  • Click Menu> server settings and under the setting category select the drive encryption. 
  • In the right pane, click manage hardware compatibility settings and in the new page.
  • Now click on the text reading “actions” and proceed by importing hardware compatibility settings. 
  • Choose the file that you extracted and navigate to the newly provided XML file. Select the file and click ok to upload the file. Finally install the client to activate. For additional information or a list of resolved issues, consult KB 81900.

If you are struggling with manual uninstallation of mcAfee application control. Don’t worry we can solve your dilemma on that front too. 

  • You need to open the Administrator McAfee Solidifier command line.
  • Now type in sadmin status. When you hit enter, you will be able to see solidifiers running are managed by EPO. Let’s set solidifier to be disabled on the next client reboot.
  • Type sadmin disable. Now, the command output will notify you “McAfee Solidifier will be disabled on next reboot”. For your convenience, you can shut down client from the command line. All you need to do is type “shutdown – r -tt 00 and let the client reboot. As soon as the command is fired, your device will restart.
  • Now, open another command line session and view the solidifier status. You will now be able to see that it has been disabled. 
  • Open the control panel and and navigate to programs and features. Select McAfee solidifier and click uninstall. A confirmation dialog box will appear. When it appears click on yes and proceed. Click yes again when prompted. Allow the uninstaller to complete then restart your client to complete the process.

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