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IrDA USB 2.0 Network Adapter (New) for Windows 7 Spec

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There are some positive aspects that this Fast IrDA (FIR) system delivers. It could possibly provide a minimal level of energy consumption, which ensures you keep owners pleased. Additionally, it features backwards compatibility with MIR and also SIR infrared devices. This boasts data transfer speeds up to 4Mbps. The FIR- IrDA system provides a powerful connection between infrared device and also a computer. When compared to Uwatec brand IrDA adapter kits, this provides the identical products for 1/4 the price. Just simply plugged these devices in to computer system and this installed the drivers automatically in 10 secs. Applied using Polar RS400 and a Windows 7 computer, Works great, could transfer data in a few minutes

IrDA USB 2.0 Network Adapter (New)
IrDA USB 2.0 Network Adapter (New)
This network adapter will allow a high speed connection in between 2 IrDA compatible devices, which might include your laptop computer or maybe a desktop computer. Even portable devices, mp3 players, cameras and also mobile devices works extremely well. While using IRJOY Wireless Adapter will enable the usage of infrared upon any laptop or computer, because it utilizes a plug-n-play system. IrDA USB 2.0 is even offers a very simple point-and-shoot system that is to be very appealing to users available. 
IrDA USB 2.0 Network Adapter (New)
IrDA USB 2.0 Network Adapter (New) Usage
IrDA USB 2.0 Network Adapter is tiny adapter will change any kind of USB port in to a fully functional infrared port. This could enable a device to provide standard printing, scanning services and also internet connections easily and quickly.

IrDA USB 2.0 Network Adapter Spec

  • Support For Any Standard PC USB Port 
  • Compliant with IrDA versions v1.0 and 1.1
  • This device is fully FCC approved
  • Supports SIR and FIR from 115K bps to 4M bps data transfer rate
  • Supports MIR, SIR, and ASK 56Kbps
  • Plug-and-Play function makes device easy to use
  • Can be adjusted for different angles, directions and heights Cable makes it easy to use with notebooks
  • Power saving modes (Including On, Stand-by and Suspend) Compliant with USB versions v1.1 and v2.0
  • OS Compatibility : Windows XP, 2003, CE, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 as well as Linux and Mac OSX

IrDA USB 2.0 Network Adapter works great while using reliable older Palm Tungsten with version 4.1.4
of the Palm Desktop upon Microsoft Win 7 and Win 8. It works flawlessly
for Uwatec computer download, too !!

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