[best] how to unblock someone on skype and 100% fast

how to unblock someone on skype
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[best] how to unblock someone on skype and 100% fast

How to unblock a contact you’ve all ready blocked in Skype

Want to get started with skype to talk to your family and friends or even for professional use? But, you are not sure how? This article will help you get an answer to how to use skype and in absolutely no time, you will be rocking skype. In this article we will guide you to use skype and get answers to questions like “how to unblock someone on skype windows 10?”. 

We will first focus on how to run Skype on a PC. The basic features of Skype remain same on other devices as well with minor changes that we will guide you through. Let’s get started.

First things first, you need to install Skype on your PC.

Here is how to install Skype desktop application on your PC?

Step 1- Log on to www.skype.com.

Step 2- You will now be redirected to the home page of skype.

Step 3- On the home page click on the download skype button to begin downloading. You don’t need to worry about selecting the type of operating system as it automatically detects the OS and downloads the file accordingly.

After the file has been downloaded, click on it to install the file and finish the installation. As soon as the installation is complete, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1- Double click on  the Skype icon to open it.

Step 2- Now, type in your skype username or the email address you used to sign up for Skype in the respective input field and click on the sign in button.

Step 3- After you click on sign in, you will be redirected to the next screen where you are supposed to type in your password. After you have entered the password, click sign in again.

In the top left corner, you will see a few different icons and a bit of your personal information. Click on the green check mark to change your online status. When you click on it, you will be displayed 6 different status, which include:
  • Online (in case you want to stay online)
  • Away
  • Do not disturb
  • Invisible
  • Offline
  • Set up call forwarding.

If you do not anyone to contact you, you can set the status to offline. If you click on your name, you can access your Skype profile where you can add more contact information to make it easier for people to find you. Change your profile picture or add a mood message to let your contacts know what you are upto. To set your mood message, click enter mood message and type in what you’d like to say then click the check mark button.

You can navigate Skype using the icons on the menu on the left. Click the house icon to go to your home screen. Click the dial pad icon to access Skype’s phone call feature.Click the plus sign button to start a new conversation and select contacts to which you’d like to talk to and then click add to add them. Click the robot icon to add a bot to your contact list. Bots are automated programs that can give you advice, play games with you or do other fun things that can be useful and entertaining. Another thing you will see on the left side of your screen are your contacts. Click contacts to see a full list with all of your contacts or click recent to see the list of contacts who have contacted you recently. Click on a contact’s name to chat with them.

When you open a chat with someone, you will see the following things:

  • To send a text message, click on the text box at the bottom of your screen and type in what you’d like to say.
  • Click the smiley face button to add an emoticon to your text message.
  • Click the paper clip button to attach a file to send, like a picture,video or other computer files. When you are done click on the enter button located at the right most corner or you can even hit enter on your keyboard to send it off. This will deliver the message to the designated person.
  • You can click the video camera button to start a video chat or click the button to call them. You can also add more people in your conversation by clicking on the button located next to the phone call button. When you call someone on skype you have the option to:
    • Turn your camera or microphone on and off.
    • Click the plus sign button to invite other people to the call.
    • Click the red phone button when you want to hang up.

That was all about the skype your. Now let’s get into more complex functionalities that Skype has to offer to you for personal as well as professional use. Technology has advanced to an extent that if you are having trouble by someone hogging you again and again. If you are getting troubled by someone’s constant messaging, calling, etc then you have the liberty that you can completely block that person. Blocking is a special feature that comes with almost any social platform that allows you to block away mischief and keep harmful and irritating strangers away from your account.

How to unblock someone on skype windows 10?

In case you have accidentally blocked a contact on Skype and struggling to unblock, here is the step by step process to unblock the person. The process to unblock someone on skype windows 10 is very simple. All you have to do is open skype web and follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 – Go to contacts book by clicking on the contact icon mentioned above the chat list.

Step 2 – This will lead you to your list of contacts which will be displayed on the other (right) side of the page.

Step 3 – Find the contact you wish to unblock and right click on the respective person’s contact. When you right click, you will be displayed a list of options. From this list choose unblock contact.
Skype has grown extremely popular over the past few years. Skype has bridged the distances by giving people the opportunity to conduct interviews over a video call. Now that we are talking about the advantages that Skype offers, let’s also discuss some of its unique features which make it stand out and which is why it is so popular both at a professional level or a personal level. 

How to unblock someone on skype mobile?

Here is how you can unblock Skype from your phone. It is a simple process of five steps:

Step 1 – Open the Skype application on your cell phone

Step 2 – In the chat menu, tap on your profile picture and go to settings.

Step 3 – After the settings open, go to contacts.

Step 4 – In the contacts menu, go to blocked contacts. This will display the list of all blocked contacts in front of you.

Step 5 – Tap on the name of the person, you want to unblock and click on the unblock button placed next to the name of respective contact.

There are two versions of Skype and both these versions are different when it comes to the layout. There’s Skype from the windows 10 app store and then there’s Skype desktop which can be downloaded from the Skype website (mentioned in the earlier section). Both the versions have different layouts but they pretty much do the exact same things.

Let’s talk about the other version of Skype, i.e., Skype web. For using Skype web you don’t need to download or install anything. You can access Skype via the web by logging in to web.skype.com. First things first, let’s understand the layout.
  • On the top left corner we have the user profile icon. If you click on this icon, you will be able to access most of your settings from this panel. Let me walk you through some of the main settings. You can change your profile picture by clicking on the icon and you will be able to see a small camera logo attached to the profile picture. If you go ahead and click on that, you can take a picture from your integrated webcam if you have one or if you wanted to upload a picture from your pc, you can click on the icon that has 3 horizontal dots and then you can choose a picture from your PC. Select the file and save it to change the existing picture or to upload a new one. Some other settings that can be altered are mood, status (you have the option to set the status to active, do not disturb or invisible) and phone number.Although Skype to Skype calling is free but in case you want to call landline or long distance phone calls to cell phones or landlines, you are charged some price that you can credit in your account by clicking on “Add Skype credit”. When you click on it, you will be displayed some options of how much credit you want to add into your account.
  • Moving down the menu, if you go ahead and click on settings, you will come across some audio and video settings that you can play with. First of all you have video which is basically your webcam. Here you are required to select the source of video, you can select the option of integrated webcam in case you have one. Right below this, you have a toggle button to test the video. You can slide it to on position and test the video. 
  • Next we have speakers, this is the source from where you want the audio to come out. You can set it to default device or select any specific source you want. For eg: you can choose a headset, in case you are using one. You can also select the microphone according to your preference. 

Besides these, you will come across some basic settings that you can alter or keep it the same depending on your preferences. One last thing I would want to focus all attention on is calling. You have the authority to protect your privacy by toggling the button to off position in the section reading “allow calls from anyone” You probably want to turn it off to avoid strange calls. Once you turn it off, it will only allow the people on your contact list to call you.
One other interesting feature in Skype is the modes. You can set the modes to whatever mode you want. Skype offers three different modes, i.e., light, dark and windows default.

Let’s understand the features of Skype that you are going to be using all the time. These features include:
  • Messaging: If you wish to Skype contact, you can search the respective contact’s name in the search bar and when it appears in the resulting list, click on the name and write  the message you want to send. This will automatically add that person to your contact and the designated person will receive a confirmation request if they want to accept to ignore the message. 
  • Once you have your contact added, there is a bunch of different things that you can do. When you open the chat with any person, you will see a bunch of different options at the top. There is gallery, when you click on it, you can see all the media that has been exchanged in the conversation.
  • If you want to place a video call, you can click on the small video icon on the top right corner located with two other icons. The shortcut to place the video call is ctrl+shift+k. Right next to the video icon, you have the phone icon that allows you to place a regular phone call without a video call. When you place a phone call and you now want to switch to video call, you can uncross the video icon which will unmute the video. 

Some of the other things that you can do while you are in a chat with somebody is that you send them emojis by clicking on the smiley face icon, you can send an image, you can send a document. Besides all this, you can also send a video message and share contact. While you are in a call with someone, Skype allows you to share your screen with the people in the meeting/ call. This feature of Skype is extremely beneficial for long distance meetings as it allows you to check the status of work going on in your company and discuss relevant things over call. Besides screen sharing you can also share sounds. For example you are listening to music and you wish the other person should also hear it, you can select the share screen and sounds option. You can also add multiple people to the call. Some other basic functionalities while on a call on Skype are:

  • Put the call on hold and resume
  • Mute the audio (if you do not want the other person to hear your audio)
  • Mute the video
  • Device settings allows you to change your video and audio source while you are in the conversation.
  • There is an emoji button in the bottom right corner of the screen. This allows you to send video and text emojis while in call.
  • You can also text while in call by clicking on the text message icon at the top right corner and start texting. 

Some of the other quick settings that you have with Skype are:

  • Bell icon: It shows notifications.
  • Contact book, that displays the list of all your contacts.
  • Dial pad: Allows you to dial cell phone or landline. 
  • Besides these you have settings, send feedback, view help online, about this version and Sign out.

This was a thorough tour of Skype web application and Skype desktop application. In this article we came across some useful information that will ease your way through Skype. If you had any doubts about the application, this article must have cleared and must have answered your question of how to unblock someone on Skype windows 10 PC and Skype mobile as well. Unblocking someone can sometimes be confusing as it is not so upfront on the screen. You are required to go deep into the settings to unblock a person. But this article has given you simple step by step process as to what is to be done when you end up blocking your friend or a colleague on Skype. All your have to do is to the settings menu and look for blocked contacts and when you find it, tap on it. This will display the list of blocked contacts on your screen. From the list, locate the person you wish to unblock. Beside every name there is an option to unblock. Tab on the unblock button located next to the contact you want to unblock. This will unblock the person.

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