[Best] solution how to reset ipad, 100% effactive

how to reset ipad

[Best] solution how to reset ipad, 100% effactive

Stuck iPad? Here’s How to Restart It

It is often complained by the apple product owners that there device got stuck and this is mostly observed in iPad. The iPad is stuck on the apple logo, it won’t switch off or start in the regular manner and you are confused about what you should do. This is a very common complaint that iPad owners have. In this article we will walk you through the entire process as to how to restart your stuck ipad. Some of the complaints that apple product owner is there that the bluetooth is not working.

This is the most common problem that the apple users face. The problem not only troubles the iPad owners but also the owners of other Apple products like iPhone.
Before we start discussing the solution, it is important that you understand the problem and what is causing that problem.
Why is my iPad stuck?

There can be many reasons as to why your iPad stuck. The causes that are most commonly observed are:
  • There is some kind of conflict between multiple applications on your device. It might be that one of the applications on your iPad is not compatible with other applications as it is programmed in a different manner. This results in a conflict between apps which ultimately affects the functioning of the device.
  • One other reason that might result into a stuck iPad is corrupted memory. Without extra care, your device memory can easily be corrupted. You should be cautious about what kind of application or software you are installing on your device.
  • Your iPad is stuck after you updated it. This is mostly observed when you update the software. When your device updates it might result in corrupted memory which ultimately hinders the smooth sailing of your device.
Now these factors lead you to a dilemma of how to restart your stuck ipad without losing the important data on your iPad. 

The case might be that your iPad screen is stuck on the apple logo or that it is completely black and not even showing the apple logo. You have failed to reboot it, you can’t turn it off or on. I might be that your stuck in a bootloop.

We are going to show you multiple ways in which you can fix these errors. This goes for any iPad. Let’s begin.

How to reset an iPad that is stuck on black screen?

The trick is simple. It is a two key combination. It doesn’t matter what screen are you stuck on, whether it is just the apple logo or a black screen or a boot loop. You can do this and it will fix the issue. Here is How to Hard Reset iPad:

Step 1 – Press and hold two buttons simultaneously. The buttons are home button and the power button located at the top right corner of the Ipad.

Step 2 – Don’t do anything else until you see the Apple logo appear. Just keep holding on both buttons. As soon as you see the apple logo appear, let go.
After this your iPad should be up and running and the apple logo should go away and you will no longer have a frozen screen. The iPad should boot up right into the iOS. If you had a black screen, it is actually going to go into the iOS as well. Now, the thing is, if it is still not working, you want to try this another 5 to 6 times. If the iPad fails to work even after applying this trick 5 to 6 times then go ahead and plug your iPad in. Basically, you want to give it a power of about 10 minutes. Go ahead and give it a juice of about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes repeat step 1 and 2 and it will fix the issue. 

In the earlier section, we discussed how to fix an iPad that is stuck on a particular screen or has gone into a boot loop. It has been observed that this issue arises in other apple products as well like an iPhone, iPod etc. What to do when this happens? We have a solution for your stuck iPad as well.

If you are stuck in a boot loop and are wondering How to Restart an iPad, don’t worry we have got you covered with our simple fix. The question that first arrives to anybody’s mind is “what caused this?”. I have been toying around with some of the non jailbreak iOS 12 tweaks like the color changer for the badges on the icon, the carrier logo changer. What I noticed is that the carrier logo changer is actually what caused this boot loop. Don’t worry as I have explained the cause, so will I provide the solution as to how can you get out of this boot loop. It can be really annoying when you are trying to reboot your iPhone and is simple displays the apple logo and gets stuck there. The dilemma that one is stuck in when someone is troubled by this problem is that you do not want to lose the firmware and you do not want to be updated yet you want to get rid of this issue. The following section will walk you through how to get out of this boot loop.

The first step is to know exactly how to do a hard reboot on your current device. The reboot is device specific and the method to rebooting your device can be different depending on your device. For eg: for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ the reboot is done using power button plus the volume down button. You are supposed to hold these two buttons simultaneously and this will lead to a hard reboot.

In any device older than iPhone 7, the reboot is done by pressing and holding the side button and the home button. Press and hold these two buttons simultaneously to reboot the iPhone.

For iPhone 8 and following models, you are supposed to press and hold the volume up, volume down and the side button simultaneously.

As soon as you have followed the aforementioned procedure, you are supposed to wait for the apple logo to show up.

More Options for Resetting an iPad

How to fix Iphone 4/4S/5/5S/5C/6/6S when it gets stuck on the apple logo screen?

One of the most common problems that most of the iPhone users have is whenever they try to turn on this phone, it is stuck on the Apple logo screen.This kind of problem mostly appears after formatting the phone or sometimes after the failure of software update of the phone. What happens is, you try to turn on your phone and the apple logo appears and it gets stuck. No further screens appear. To fix this issue an original cable is required which comes along with the phone and iTunes in the PC. Thus, you are required to download the iTunes in your PC. After you have downloaded iTunes, start installation.

STEP 1 – Power off your iPhone by simultaneously pressing and holding the home key and the power button. Hold the buttons for about 10 seconds and then release. 

STEP 2 –  Connect the data cable with the phone and connect it to the PC while holding the home key for 10 seconds.

STEP 3 – When you proceed with the previous option, the iphone will open in the iTunes mode in your PC.

STEP 4 – In case you are using an older version of iTunes, you are required to update the software.

STEP 5 – This will download the firmware file of your iPhone. The file will take around 30 minutes to 1 hour to download. 

Now again repeat step 2 again. As soon as your phone turns on in the iTunes mode, a dialog box will appear on your screen. Click on restore and update. It will proceed and restart the process of restoring the phone. This will solve your issue and your iPhone will not be stuck on the same screen any more.

I hope this article proved to be of help to you. In order to conclude this article I would like to summarise the solutions to how to reset an iPad or iPhone of any version.

  1. The first solution we discussed was in which we tried to reset the iPad by simultaneously pressing and holding two buttons simultaneously. The buttons are home button and the power button located at the top right corner of the Ipad. Don’t do anything else until you see the Apple logo appear. Just keep holding on both buttons. As soon as you see the apple logo appear, let go. This does the trick. 
  2. Sometimes you are required to repeat this procedure 5 to 6 times and then you are able to see the result. Other times it resolved the issue in one go only.
  3. If you still can’t fix the issue, try to plug the charger in the iPad as it might require a little bit of juice before it restarts. Plugin the charger and again repeat the above steps.

This was all about how to reset an iPad when it is stuck on a black screen or apple logo screen or is in a boot loop.

Thank you for reading! Hope you got what you were looking for.

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