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How to install and configure printer on system?

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How to install and configure printer on system?

In this digital era, people are mostly used the digital documents or paperless communication for dealing still there is need of hard copies. In every kind of business or institute there is need to printer which prints the digital media on the paper.

Printer installation guide that you help in correct configuration.

The lasted printers are doing multiple jobs rather than only printing the media. Apart from printing they can execute various operations like scanning faxing or copying the documents.

Due to its advance features printer is one of the necessary peripheral device in the organization or the institution. Now a day’s evens students have the printer at home printing their notes or important documents.

Different printer companies are available in the market which provides excellent printing services to users. This article provides the detailed information about hp printer drivers and how to install a printer or printer configure the printer in your windows 10 system.

Connect printer to system:

It is very important to connect the printer device to system before configuring and installing printer drivers. User can connect the printer to your windows 10 system by using any of the one option given below:

· USB cable connection:

Internet connect is prior to connect the printer to system via USB connection. User can execute steps provided below one by one.

1. Switch on the printer device.

2. Connect the USB cable at the available USB port of printer on back side of it.

3. Connect the other end to USB port of the computer system.

4. After connect the USB cable, user can see the message ‘Found new hardware’ on the screen.

5. Follow all the instructions displays on the screen and try to print the document. If you can print the document successfully then the drivers are already present on the system. Otherwise user need to install the compatible hp printer drivers in the system to run the printer.

· Wireless connection:

well, here is how to add a network printer in windows 10

After collecting the above details follow the steps given below.

To have the wireless connection with the printer, user should know the certain details about the network like network name (SSID), security password of Wi-Fi network. User should have the printer which has wireless feature.

1. Switch on the printer, router and computer which need to be connected.

2. Ensure that the computer and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Remove all the USB or Ethernet cables connected to the printer.

4. Open the printer control panel and go to the setup, network or wireless menu.

5. Open the wireless setup wizard and follow all the instructions on window to connect the windows 10 PC to your printer.

If user’s printer supports WPS push button connection feature then user can use that option for more security. To do this follow following steps:

1. Press the wireless button from the control panel menu of your printer.

2. Hold the wireless button till the wireless light start blinking.

3. Press the WPS key on your router within 2 minutes.

4. It will take maximum two minutes for router and printer to establish a secured network connection.

What is a printer driver?

To run the printer with PC every user need to install the compatible printer drivers in the system. Printer drivers are the software which converts the document data into the format which printer can understand.

Several hp printer processors or hp printer drivers are available on the official website user need to select the correct drivers depending upon the type or model of the hp printer.

Window 10 operating system comes with built in printer drivers which supports basic functionality of almost all the available printers. For the additional functionality and features of the printer device user need to install the drivers required for your printer model from its official site.

Many users are needed to connect different kind of printers in their jobs. These users can also make use of HP universal printer drivers (upd) which supports almost all HP laser jet printers.

With the flexible features of HP universal printer driver user can install it in any of one mode traditional mode or dynamic mode. In the traditional mode, user can select any one of the available printer from the application’s print menu. In short it will work as product specific drivers.

With the dynamic mode of upd, user can search the printer on network and print the documents without installing product specific drivers.

Configuration and installing printer drivers on the system:

Following step are given guidance about how to install printer in windows 10.

1. Open the official HP website.

2. Click on the support tab on the right side of window. Typically drivers are present under the support tab.

3. Go to software and driver from the available options.

4. Type the model name in the box of ‘enter my HP model number’. User can take the help of the pictures provided on the screen, if user doesn’t know details about the model name of the printer.

5. After entering the model number click on the find my product tab.

6. User can select their operating system by clicking on change link. These drivers support all the versions of windows as well as Mac operating system. In this case user can select the window 10 64 bit or 32 bit.

7. After this the hp printer drivers file is displayed, user can download the drivers by clicking the driver button.

8. By default the downloaded files are stored in the download folder in windows 10. User can find the downloaded executable (.exe) file and run it. Follow the instructions to install the downloaded drivers on the system.

Updating the printer drivers on the windows 10:

Just installing the appropriate drivers in the system is not enough, user need to update the drivers regularly for the finest printer performance. Printer companies also recommend updating the driver software for the better performance of the devices and printers. To update the printer drivers on windows 10 follow the steps provided below.

1. Open the run box by pressing windows key + R on the keyboard.

2. Type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the box and click ok button or press enter.

3. Find your HP printer under the printer tab. Right click on the printer and click on the update driver.

4. It will ask the question ‘how do you want to search for drivers’. Go for ‘search automatically for updated driver software’.

User can also download the hp printer drivers by visiting the HP official company website. Several third party driver software are available online which automatically scans the drivers in the system and update them.

Users can also print their documents from their Smartphone or tablet. I-phones come with built in feature of printing documents so iphone users can print

documents directly. Most of the android phones support the mobile printing functions.

If your android phone doesn’t support the printing function then user can download the hp printer app. User can download this applications on the Google play or the official hp website.

User can scan or print the documents by using this application. This printer applications required internet so make sure that your printer and cell phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network b

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