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How to Choose RAM (Random Access Memory) is Right for Desktop Computer / Laptops

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RAM is one of the vital computer components. RAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of computer storage that can be accessed in a fixed time. However, RAM is a type of temporary data storage which is currently laptops computer or die, the data stored in RAM is lost or deleted. RAM itself has a shape one piece of PCB and has many components integrated circuit (IC) on both sides. RAM has a type and a slot that varies according to the type of motherboard your computer or laptop. As we know have some type of RAM as we know the type of DDR RAM (DDR1), DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and DDR5.

Besides, the type of RAM for computers and laptops are also different. Where RAM for laptops known as SODIMM, while RAM for PC / Computer known as the DIMM. RAM is a vital component in a computer either desktop PC or Laptop / Notebook, without RAM your computer will not be able to operate.

Choose RAM (Random Access Memory) is Right for Desktop Computer  Laptops
Choose RAM (Random Access Memory) is Right for Desktop Computer  Laptops
Therefore, when you want to buy RAM to replace the old RAM you, either because of damaged or if you want to replace it with specs higher (Upgrade RAM), you have to know first the type of RAM in your computer and also specs motherboard of your computer, Do not until you either buy, for example, we have a slot motherboard DDR2 RAM type, because we wanted to RAM with higher specs we buy DDR3 RAM, what happened?? DDR3 RAM cannot be installed in slot DDR2 vice versa, so we bought it … it’s useless. In Choosing RAM or memory on computers and laptops or specifically for gaming purposes you should consider several things, are like the series, capacity, brand and so forth. So that later you are not the wrong choice because if you choose the wrong course will spend money and wasted.

Before buying RAM or memory on your laptop, pc or assemble computer gaming then you should note. Here we will give you tips on how to choose the best RAM memory is correct for the desktop PC / Laptop, among others:

  • Select RAM memory in accordance with the specifications of your PC motherboard. If your PC motherboard supports dual channel, then choose double the amount of RAM that has exactly the same with Speck. Computers that have the dual channel RAM system have a much better performance. For example, 2 pieces 4Giga total capacity RAM with the same specs better than to just buy one piece of RAM capacity of 4 GB.
  • Choose the brand of RAM which has a good reputation in service sales. RAM brand itself there are so many, bleak Avexiar, Corsair, Hynix, Kingmax, Kingston, Samsung, Team Dark, V-Gen, Visipro, etc. We recommend looking for a brand of RAM that is already well known and widely sold. You can find information on the best RAM vendors at their official website. Do not choose a strange memory chip and RAM is not clear.
  • Do not choose the RAM memory that is not in the packaging. Although labeled celebrated the memory in the packaging tray or not it has a high level of damage, plus the risk of corrupted data is high due to faulty chip that would risk making a nuisance on the desktop PC.
  • If you are using a computer for a long time, make sure you select the memory RAM is already equipped with a heat spreader. Although the price is much more expensive than RAM memory in general. But RAM it has the performance and stability are very good. So it will be able to maintain the stability of a desktop computer PC / Laptop well.
  • Select memory (RAM) with low latency figures.
  • Choose the same memory slot with your motherboard model. Because, if not the same, the memory RAM cannot be used.
  • Do not forget to note the maximum capacity of RAM memory size of your PC desktop.
  • If you intend to add or upgrade the amount of RAM, then adjust the specifications and frequency of RAM.

Good information about tips on how to choose the best RAM memory for Computers Desktop PC and Notebook / Laptops can be useful and could be a reference you choose the best memory and precise. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.

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