TechPcHelp is the US and Canada based technical support company provides couple of services to clients including computer and software support, windows support, Mac support, email support and solutions, antivirus and security services and printer support.

This document represents the different aspects of TechPcHelp liability and disclaimer and user agreement.

General Disclaimer:

The website of TechPcHelp is served for the client or users, user consider to be agree the terms and conditions mentioned in the site. As user is visiting and using the site of TechPcHelp it is assume that client has accepted the terms and conditions of TechPcHelp.

TechPcHelp is holding the trademark and copyright act of company name, company logo and the website. TechPcHelp is sole owner of all these registered property. Using or publishing the content of the TechPcHelp site in other site or blog without having the prior written permission of TechPcHelp is strictly forbidden and the opposite party may responsible for legal action.

TechPcHelp is having independent team of experts who provides technical support for the various technical issues. The team can serve the services for all the brands of devices. We do not involve in the official technical support of any brand. User can get the free service by visiting the company office of specific brand or contacting brand service executive.

The technical support service executive who is providing services to end user is the member of expert team of TechPcHelp. The service executive is not having any kind of professional certification of institutes unless explicitly specified.

Disclaimer of warranty:

As TechPcHelp is resolving issues and providing support to the third party devices, we do not provide any kind of warranty about the services. TechPcHelp do not commit any kind of warranty about the availability, reliability, capacity and usefulness for the third party products which might sell on this site.

Disclaimer regarding rights of intellectual properly:

All the content of the TechPcHelp site is confined against the copyright law and the intellectual property right. No content against intellectual property act is published by the TechPcHelp without having the permission of content owner.

The website content of TechPcHelp may not be copied or mirrored from other site. All the services and product name used in the site of TechPcHelp are used to recognition or reference purpose only.

Functionality disclaimer:

TechPcHelp can terminate the service of any individual client or organization if they violating the terms and conditions of the TechPcHelp. TechPcHelp also hold the right to discontinue the service of client without any prior notice for any valid reason.

TechPcHelp do not liability if any kind of damage is happens with the clients while visiting the sites or using the services of TechPcHelp. Client is agreed to not claim TechPcHelp for any kind of damages during visiting and using the services of TechPcHelp.

TechPcHelp and its expert team make all the possible efforts for the availability of the TechPcHelp website in all time zones and every area around the globe. TechPcHelp do not provide any kind of warranty for continuously availability of the TechPcHelp site in error free mode.

Disclaimer about Content Issues of website:

TechPcHelp website might contain some faults or typographical mistakes. TechPcHelp disclaim the liability for such errors, client should consent to keep TechPcHelp trouble free for legal responsibility for that typographical errors.

The content of the TechPcHelp website is published on the basis of ‘as is’ and as available. We do not hold any responsibility or the warranty about the content published on the TechPcHelp site.

Disclaimer about the third party links:

TechPcHelp site may contain the third party link and advertisement on the website. We do not hold any kind of responsibilities about that links and the content provide under that links.

These third party companies and their links are having their own privacy policies. User can click or use this links and content at their own risk TechPcHelp is not liable for any issues or damages while visiting or using the contents of that links.

TechPcHelp do not liable for the privacy of the user’s data submitted under this third party websites. This third party links might use or track user’s data and TechPcHelp is not answerable for the exposure of the user’s data after clicking on the third party links and advertisements.

Disclaimer of failures:

TechPcHelp is not responsible for delay in services or failures in devices in the presence of the natural disasters or accidents like the earthquakes change in rules and regulations of the government policies or the act of god.

TechPcHelp assumes that the end user is aware about the risk of the internet usages so we are not liable for the any damages after downloading any content or data from the website or the third party links on the website of TechPcHelp.


All the content represented in this document is governed by the state law of the TechPcHelp site owner.