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Caring for Laptop / Notebook

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Laptop or Notebook seems to have been not a luxury anymore, now widely available in the market ranging low end to high end. Many people who already have it, either as part of a lifestyle, to business, to do schoolwork or college. Looks like the PC will start displaced by the presence Laptop / Notebook. Although PC is more powerful, but the laptop / notebook that can be taken anywhere to make Laptop / Notebook favorite choice.Although Laptop / Notebook now not a luxury anymore, but we definitely still want a Laptop that we have kept nice and durable.
Here we are some tips that can be applied to Laptop / Notebook longevity and remain durable.

Caring for Laptop / Notebook
Caring for Laptop / Notebook

Use the special bag Laptop / Notebook

We recommend using a special bag in design for Laptop / Notebook. Do not use any bag, use a special laptop bag that has a special bearing for Laptop / Notebook. Perhaps bag for this price is a little bit expensive, but worth its function to protect the Laptop / Notebook us.

Use stabilizer when using a Laptop / Notebook while in charging

By the time you work with a Laptop / Notebook but the battery is weak, so that you are forced to use while in the charger, you can add stabilizer. Stabilizer function to keep the current into the Laptop / Notebook levels steady, so your laptop safe from currents up and down. And you remain comfortable working with Laptop / Notebook.

Do not get used to Eat and Drink near Laptop / Notebook

Avoid eating or drinking near Laptop / Notebook. Liquids or foods could accidentally spilled and could hit the keyboard and into the component. If it is damaged components inside, then you must pay to fix it, and maybe it is not cheap.

Be careful when trying to download Software

Try to use the existing software in the package Laptop / Notebook, to avoid damaging virus. Download software from the Internet, if not careful and without adequate antivirus support and updates with a good pitch you should avoid.

Do Laid Laptop / Notebook on the floor

Scattered dust on the floor can damage the Laptop / Notebook. And trampled risk would be very large.

Clean Laptop / Notebook regularly

This is often not done by the owner of Laptop / Notebook. Leaving the Laptop / Notebook in a dirty tantamount to shorten age. Try to regularly clean the screen and keyboard of course.

Similarly, care tips Laptop / Notebook of us, hopefully the above tips to make your Laptop / Notebook you are always in the best condition when you use.

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