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Browser Support

Browser Technical Support

As we all know that a web browser is a software application for searching or retrieving data from the World Wide Web. The URL help us to locate the particular web pages or a certain amount of content from this sea of data. There are various types of web browsers available such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. Each browser has its own specifications with some common features among themselves. Web browsers specifically embrace newer updates with quick efficiency and in course add new capabilities. sometimes it needs browser help

Are you facing some problems with the applications that were compatible with your older version of the browser?

Is there some plugin or profile issue that is causing you trouble?

Maybe you are facing the problem of network latency with your shared folders on a remote system?

maybe the installed browser extensions of yours are not working properly?

It might also create a problem when the web browser and operating system are not updated. All these are hindrance to your website working condition.

Why go with us ?

Our experts at TechPchelp support are certified professionals providing round-the clock browser online help whenever and wherever you need it. With our outstanding and excellent services, we are capable in handling all kinds of complex situations that arise inadvertently. Just give us a call or leave a message and we will contact you within minutes of your call. It is our astute perception over every minute detail that has helped us in gaining a higher count of clients over the past years successfully.

Our Recognised Services:-

    • Install browser on your system:

Our services starts from installing the required browsers on your system methodically along with the various plug-ins to help in viewing the latest content under optimized conditions.

    • Browser settings Setup:

Browser settings are suitably managed to avoid a corrupt browser cache or some Add-Ons that are disrupting the JavaScript on browser. All the latest updates will be established over your the best internet browser
support applications on your platform with customization of your portals such as Yahoo and MSN.

    • Troubleshoot all browser problems:

Troubleshooting the browser issues to improve the loading speed of web pages, to stop it from getting crashed abruptly, to check the problem with pop-up windows, resolve if HTML/content editor are not working properly or some JavaScript problem. All of these and much more are our areas of expertise which are appropriately implemented for your requirement.

    • Internet settings Setup:

Internet settings are arranged by deleting the browser’s history and clearing the cache and temporary folders for faster operations. Bookmarks are appropriately organised and even the offline viewing sessions are setup.

    • Security settings Setup:

Browser security settings are taken into account by uploading the anti-virus software or spyware or firewall or removing the already spreading viruses over the files to make your system clean and threat-free. We can also create the system environment where you will get your banner, popup, Flash or ActiveX ads blocked for your ease of working.

Why choose us?

Reasons why our clients choose us

24/7 Online Support
We provide you with round the clock online assistance that offers quick execution.
100% Customer satisfaction
Our goal is effective problem resolution and 100% customer satisfaction with customer success.
Over 10 years of experienced with certified experts
Our certified tech support team have real time experience in industry since 10 years.
No advance payment
We do not ask our client to pay advance.
Toll free number
Call us any time to toll free 1-800-260-6163 for excellent solution.
Money back guarantee if not able to solve your issue.
We don't charge any thing if we are not able solve your problem.