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Tips to boost up your iPad device performance

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Tips to boost up your iPad device performance

IPad is one of the biggest points of attraction in youngsters because of its cool looks. Due to its benefits like premium quality, design, convince and portability there are large number of iPad users in all age groups around the globe.

Boost Up iPad Performance

After purchasing iPad, with in 1 year user experienced speed slowdown of iPad. Users are searching for how do i speed up iPad on internet.

If you are suffering from the slow iPad then read this article to the end and speed up your iPad by using given tips and trick.

Different tips and guidelines to improve the iPad performance:

After experiencing any kind of problem with iPad, the restarting the device is the very basic and useful step. If the problem still remains unsolved then user can use the following tips how to speed up ipad.

· Remove or uninstalled the applications which are rarely used:

Typically users download lots of games and applications in the iPad which occupies considerable storage space of RAM which in turn slowdown the iPad performance. Removing unused app helps to boost mobile ipad increasing speed of iPad.

Steps to remove or uninstall applications.

Setting > General > iPad Storage

In the iPad storage, user can see the list of installed applications and games. User can select the less used applications and games from them delete them.

· Stop the background refreshing of applications:

Background application (app) refresh allows running applications in the background. The social media applications or games which run in background consumes lots of CPU power can causes to minimize the performance of the iPad.

User can stop the background application refresh by following given steps.

Tap the setting application then go to general option and in that there is option of background app refresh. User can set this option to off for better iPad performance.

· Upgrade your iPad to latest iOS version:

With the each and every new updates in iOS, user can get new features and advance code with solves the low performance issue of the iPad users.

To update and enjoy lasted version of the iOS

1. Tap Setting > General > Software Update.

2. After clicking the software update button, your iPad automatically checks the newer updates. If your iOS is already updated then it provides the message ‘your software is up to date’.

3. If the new version is available then user need to tap on download and install button on the screen.

4. The process of downloading begins once the user entered their password on the prompted screen. User can continue to use other apps while iOS is updated in background.

5. User will get notifications after completion of the downloading then user can install the updated iOS.

This process may take some time. Apple recommends plugged in device while updating the iOS.

· Turn off Notifications:

Some notifications are helpful for us. But we rarely read all the notifications and updates from the other applications. Some notifications really bother users sometimes. Notifications’ constantly scanning all the applications in background with reduces the performance of the iPad.

User can select applications whose notifications are not really helpful and turning off their notifications. Turning off notifications can increase the speed of the iPad. It can takes place by following given steps.

1. Go to setting.

2. Tap notifications.

3. User can see the list of installed app on the iPad screen. User can select the applications from them and turning off their notifications.

· Removing and reinserting the sim card can also helps to solve the problem of iPad internet not working. Instead of turning reinserting sim card user can also turn off data for some time and then turning it on can also help to increase the internet speed and performance of iPad.

· Graphics Setting:

To save the battery power and speed up device user can do some modifications in graphics setting like reduce motion and reduce transparency.

Turning off the reducing motions can help the iPad users to speed up their device little bit. Go to the Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and then turn off the reduce motion. In the same way user can also reduce transparency by Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Transparency.

· Cleaning out the unwanted media files:

Cleaning out the media files regularly can help to speed up the iPad. Videos or music files required considerable amount of storage space. It is observed that users which are having more than 80% occupied storage space are experiences the slow speed or low performance of iPad.

For the better performance, user can store there media files to external storage devices or in the hard drive of their system.

· Turn off Location or GPS:

Some applications like Uber, flipcart, facebook need to know the location of the user for offering better service. Google maps or GPS are very helpful while finding the effective destination route which lowest traffic. But this location setting consumes certain amount of battery power in the background which reduces overall performance of the iPad.

User can disable location services by Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn off the location services when there is no need.

· Several users are also suffered from the problem ipad won’t connect to wifi. It is common problem of most of iPad users. Here are some of the solutions for ‘why is my iPad so slow on wifi’ which can help to solve the

Wi-Fi problem. Before using following tips, make sure that the Wi-Fi of the iPad is turned on.

1. The first solution which is common is to turn off the iPad and router, wait for some time and then turn on.

2. Resetting the network setting might also help user, it can achieved by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

3. Try to connect same network with another router to identify whether there are some issues in router or not. If there are issues in router then use need to replace the router.

4. If the router is working fine, then user can get in touch with the internet service provider to solve the problem of ipad slow wifi.

· Clear the web browser history and cache:

IPad is having safari as it default web browser which stores history, cookies, resent searches in it. It helps to reduce the loading time but consumes lots of memory space. Clearing browser cache and update the browser improves the overall performance of iPad.

Steps to clear safari cache are as follows:

Tap on Setting > Safari > Clear History and Website Data

If still user not experience high speed internet then there can be problem with your data connection not with iPad. User can check their network speed with the various speed test software available on the internet.

These tips of why is my ipad so slow on the internet can definitely fixes the speed up, Wi-Fi and internet issues of the iPad. If still the customer is having these programs then customer can reset device to factory setting. In some cases, users are unable to solve the issues after resetting iPad. These users are having problems with the iPad hardware and they need to replace their device.

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