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Apple Macbook Pro Specification | Computer and Laptop Review

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The Apple MacBook Pro introduced in January 2006 by Apple Inc. It replaced the PowerBook G4 and was the second model to be announced in the Apple–Intel transition (after the iMac). The MacBook Pro is currently produced in three sizes: the 13-, 15-, and 17- inch. There have been two designs for the MacBook Pro, The first design was largely a carry-over from the PowerBook G4 with Intel Core central processing units as opposed to the PowerPC G4 chips used in the model it replaced. It was first released as a 15-inch model in January 2006,and a 17-inch model in April in the same year. in late 2006 This original models received several updates and were upgraded with Core2Duo processors.
Apple Macbook Pro
Apple MacBook Pro

The second “unibody” model, has a more tapered design with most of the casing made from a single block of aluminum. This design was introduced in October 2008 with the MacBook Pro 15-inch , along with the 13-inch aluminum unibody MacBook. The 17-inch model was updated with the same design in the following January,and also introducing the built-in battery that was later used in the rest of the MacBook Pro line from June and in the regular MacBook from October 2009. Apple updated the unibody line in April 2010 with Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors in the 15- and 17-inch models, while the 13-inch model while still maintaining a Core2Duo processor.

The new Apple MacBook Pro is an upgraded version of Apple’s MacBook. The upgraded line-up of features includes the Intel’s latest core processors,hardware and more powerful discrete graphics. MacBook Pro have Three variant are available with different hardware, 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch,and of which only the 15 and the 17 inch hardware variants have Intel’s new core series of CPU’s.

Below is a Specification on 13-inch variant of the MacBook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro 13-Inch
Apple Macbook Pro 13-Inch

Display : 13.3 inch

Processor : 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

Hard disc : 250 GB


Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce 320M Graphic Processors

Battery : Built-In 63.5 watt-hour Lithium-Polymer Battery
             Up To 10 Hours

Height : 1.08 inches (2.74 cm)

Width : 13.00 inches (33.03 cm)

Depth : 9.12 inches (23.17 cm)

Weight : 4.7 pounds (2.13 kg)1

Below is a Specification on 15-inch variant of the MacBook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro 15-Inch
Display : 15.4 inch
Processor : Intel’s i5 520M dual core
Hard disc : 320 GB
Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M Graphics
Battery : Built-In 77.5 watt-hour Lithium-Polymer
             Battery Up to 8 to 9 hours

Height : 0.95 inch (2.41 cm)

Width : 14.35 inches (36.4 cm)

Depth : 9.82 inches (24.9 cm)

Weight : 5.6 pounds (2.54 kg)1

Below is a Specification on 17-inch variant of the MacBook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro 17-Inch
Display : 15.4 inch

Processor : 2.53GHz Intel Core i5 processor

Hard disc : 500 GB


Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M Graphics

Battery : Built-in 95 watt-hour lithium-polymer
             Battery Up to 8 to 9 hours

Height : 0.98 inch (2.50 cm)

Width : 15.47 inches (39.3 cm)

Depth : 10.51 inches (26.7 cm)

Weight : 6.6 pounds (2.99 kg)1

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