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About TechPcHelp

We are expert and specializes in technical support for Mac, Window, Printer, Browser, Router, and Antivirus.

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We are leading Tech Support provider.

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After the evolution of the internet and Smartphone’s, the lifestyle of people changes drastically. Internet is becomes one of the basic need in these days. One cannot imagine their life without internet and technical devices.

Computers, internet and printers are the primary equipment in every kind of business. Failure of the internet or the peripheral devices can cause the major loss in business and here we need the technical support team to solve the problem.

TechPcHelp is US / Canada based technical support company which provide the tech support services for domestic as well as commercial areas. Its technically expert team is having experience in troubleshooting technical problems. They are working hard to provide quick services to customers.

If you are looking for outsourcing the customer support services of your organization then TechPcHelp is the best choice for you. TechPcHelp is offering technical solutions for individuals as well as organizations.

Features of TechPc:

  • Quick and Reliable solutions
  • 24/7 service
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Transparency
  • Reasonable cost
  • High success rate

TechPcHelp is widely providing with different support services to individual user or organizations which are given below.

  • Browser Technical Support:

Internet browsers are one of the most useful software applications which users can access internet by using it, But some time, user have to also face technical problems. We have solution for all browser like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera etc.

  • Windows Technical Support:

It provides installation and reinstallation of licenses copy of windows operating system to your system. It also addressed the different startup issues, computer driver issues and updates. User can upgrade their windows operating system with the TechPcHelp.

  • Mac Technical Support:

TechPcHelp assist customer for resolving all kind of issues or problems with Apple Mac operating system. It includes setup and installation of Mac, customization of apple Mac operating system. Backup and restring Mac system files, issues with internet connection and network in Mac and any many more issues.

  • Router Technical Support

A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. TechPcHelp is providing assistance to different router problems like connecting multiple devices to your router, can’t update your router’s firmware etc. As We have the solution for all brands.

  • Antivirus Technical Support:

Every computer user should have antivirus in the system as viruses and malwares can enter to your system and can damage your data. Antivirus and security services protect your system from the viruses, malwares,

Trojans or spywares. TechPcHelp can help client with the setup and installation of different antivirus software like Northern, AVG, Panda, Avast, Kapserkey and Mcafe antivirus.

If the web browser is not secure then it can be the gateway for many kinds of malwares into the system and can hack your sensitive data you’re your system. TechPcHelp protects your web browser from different cyber attacks.

  • Printer Technical Support:

Printer is one of the most important computer equipments used in almost all business. Sudden failure in printer can cause huge loss.

TechPcHelp and address and resolve different issues with printer like no paper alert, paper jam, cartridge installation problem, printer not connecting to computer, slow printer issues and poor printing quality. TechPcHelp can help client to solve the printer issues with all the types of printer companies.

To achieve customer satisfaction is the primary motive of TechPcHelp Company. The evergreen list of happy and satisfied customers is the proof of it. TechPcHelp is providing all the support services in very reasonable cost.

Expert team of TechPcHelp is having experience of handling all kind of technical issues of every computer and peripheral devices companies. TechPcHelp is well known for providing quick and cost effective solutions to consumers.

User can get the technical support through toll free number, live chat mode, through mail or remote assistance to technical issues.

Customer can have one time fixes, monthly subscription or annual subscription to the TechPcHelp technical support services. In one time fixes client can pay as and when they need services of technical support.

Large software and business companies where large number of computer users are present and faces technical issues frequently can have TechPcHelp monthly or yearly technical support plan.

If random visitor is having any kind of issues with your computer equipment and software then they can get in touch with our executive by calling on the numbers provided on website and get quick and effective solutions to your problem.


Our Mission

Our main goal is to put customers ahead of us and give them the best quality service in technical support

Our Purpose

We help our client to protect their privacy and handle with efficient way to keep safe of any tech related problems.

Our Support

Our support team is available 24/7, and always ready to solve any type of your situational rising problems.
Why choose us?

Reasons why our clients choose us

24/7 Online Support
We provide you with round the clock online assistance that offers quick execution.
100% Customer satisfaction
Our goal is effective problem resolution and 100% customer satisfaction with customer success.
Over 10 years of experienced with certified experts
Our certified tech support team have real time experience in industry since 10 years.
No advance payment
We do not ask our client to pay advance.
Toll free number
Call us any time to toll free 1-800-260-6163 for excellent solution.
Money back guarantee if not able to solve your issue.
We don't charge any thing if we are not able solve your problem.