A disabled iphone and ipad sync easily at techpchelp.com

sync disabled Iphone and ipad
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A disabled iphone and ipad sync easily at techpchelp.com

how to sync iphone and ipad

For user’s disabled Iphone and ipad, Itunes is the free application or the media player and library for apple devices. User can store their local media in itunes or access and download media contents from the itunes store.  User can also backup their data after forgot ipad passcode with the help of the itunes.

Iphones and ipads are the trends in youth generations in these days. Most of the ipad and iphone users synchronize their device with iTunes to enjoy music, videos, movies, books and audio books.

Itunes is the best audio and video player available in the market for iphone an ipad users. Apple advised the iphone and ipad users to synchronize their device with its official application itunes to access and download the latest media content.

Many users reported that they have problems while connecting their device with itunes like their ipad is disabled. Genrally users will get the error 0xE8000065 while connecting their device with itunes. Here are some steps and fixes to connect the ipad to the iTunes application.

  • Set the device in the recovery mode and reset password apple ipads:

If user is first time connecting their apple device to the computer the system then user should connect it in the recovery mode and rest the password by following given steps.

  1. Disconnects all the cables.
  2. Switch off your device.
  3. By pressing the hold button continuously connect the USB cable to system. Keep pressing the home button until you see the iTunes screen.
  4. Users gets alert that iTunes detects device in recovery mode.
  5. Follow the instruction to setup your device.
Before doing this step user should have the icloud backup of their device as this option will delete all the data.
  • Restarting ipad and computer system:

Restarting the device is very old and easy step for all the problems of computers and the devices.

User can restart the ipad by holding its power button. When slider is prompted the slide it to restart or turnoff your device. User can start the device again by holding the same power button.

User should also restart the system by pressing alt + f4 key and select restart from the drop down menu.
  • Tap on trust:

For user’s disabled Iphone and ipad the security reason users might get an alert on their device like trust on this computer after connecting it to system. User should unlock their apple device and tap on trust to synchronize their device with iTunes.

  • update iOS device drivers in windows PC:

User need to make sure they have iOS device drivers installed in the system and they are up to date. Follow given steps for updating the device drivers in windows operating system.

  1. Open control panel > hardware and sounds
  2. Click on device manager.
  3. In the device manager user can see the different devices connected to computer. Find your i pad or iphone device under the portable device section.
  4. Right click on your device and select update software from the available menu.
  5. Click on the browse my computer button.
  6. Go to the path C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple and go to the folder of name ‘drivers’.
  7. Install the updated driver and update the itunes.
  8. Check for the connectivity of your device to your windows operating system.

As there is no device drivers in Mac system, Mac users can simply update their Mac OS software and itunes from the App store by going to

Apple Menu > App store > updates.
  • Updating the iTunes application:
Follow the following steps to troubleshoot the itunes in windows PC.
  1. Switch off your iPad or apple device.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Open the itunes application.
  4. Select help tab.
  5. Click on check for updates.
  6. Installation and updation of apple device mobile support:

Windows users for their disabled Iphone and ipad need to install the apple device mobile support with the installation of itunes. Your apple ipad will not connect to the system if your system doesn’t have the apple device mobile support software.

User can check whether the software is installed or not by using following way.
  1. Open the control panel.
  2. In the program section user can see the link of uninstall program. Click on that.
  3. User can see the list of installed software and programs. Check for the apple device mobile support program in the list.
  4. If that not present in the list then user need to reinstall the itunes software.

If the apple mobile device software is present in the user’s sytem then user should also update the apple mobile device support drivers using following steps.

  1. go to control panel.
  2. open device manager.
  3. in the list of devices search for the category ‘universal serial bus controllers’, under that find the apple mobile device USB driver.
  4.  Right click on the apple mobile device USB driver. And click on the update software option from the pop up menu.
  5. Low battery of ipad:

After connecting the ipad to the computer system or laptop user can see the small light at the place of battery meter which says that ipad is charging. User get the alert which says ‘not charging’ then it may because your ipad is having low battery.

In such cases users can recharge their ipad or iphone via wall outlet with adapter. Generally your ipad or phone wont connect to itunes if it have less than 10% charging left in it.

  • Modification the option of power management:

Certain modification in the USB ports sections in device manager might help users to synchronize their device with itunes. Here are the step to adjusting power management setting for user’s disabled Iphone and ipad.

  1. Go to device manager > universal serial bus controller.
  2. Open the first USB serial hub from the list.
  3. After then go to power management tab.
  4. Click on the button ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’.
  5. Press Ok.
  6. Follow the above procedure for all the USB hub entries in the list.
  7. Restart the system.
  8. Test for the connectivity of your device with iTunes.
  9. Check security firewall and antivirus software.

There is possibility of windows firewall or the antivirus software is blocking your device connectivity. User should check the setting of their security firewall or disable their antivirus software. It is very import to turn on the antivirus of your system after you finish your work with itunes.

  • Check USB cable:

Several times users are unable to connect their device with itunes because of not working or damaged USB cable. USB cable is the wire which is used to connect your ipad, iphone to the mobile.

Users can make use of another USB cable for connecting your device to your PC and see if that works for you.
  • Check for USB ports:

There are chances of damages in the USB port. User should check the USB port for dust and residue. Most of the times if USB ports are not used regularly then it can get damaged due to dust. User need to try to connect device with the other USB port.

If all the option won’t work for you then users can make use of factory reset ipad option provided that they are having backup of all the important data.

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