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2 Ways To Clean Your Computer Keyboard

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Are you getting tired to clean your keyboard ??  Then  this blog is for you 👇

The Keyboard is essential to form gamer to office workers! But how to keep it clean?

There are some tricks and tips for you

★ Keyboards are of two types Mechanical and Membrane 

     Mechanical keyboard: This types of  Keyboard is mostly used in Gaming industries, and it is easy to clean

Hyperx Mechanical keyboard and key Picker

Step 1: Take a photo of your Keyboard to remember the layout.

Step 2: By using your Thumb or Key Cap Puller remove your keys.

Step 3: Clean your keyboard with brush and wash your keys with Shampoo

Step 4: You may apply little Bike polish to shine your Keyboard as new.

Step 5: Dry your keyboard and put back all keys.

  Membrane Keyboard: Most selling Keyboard are membrane keyboard even you Laptop keyboard also! and it is quite difficult to clean, but DONT WORRY

Step 1: Try to cover your Keyboard after using, Buy you Lazy !!

Step 2: Use a Toothbrush / Paintbrush and gently brush between the keys (recommended for Laptop ).

Step 3: If Step 2 doesn’t help you then unscrew the keyboard. Separate the circuit board, silicon pads and back panel, then wash your keys with water and detergent ( it sounds weird !! isn’t it ?). Yes its the only way to fully clean your membrane keyboard

Step 4: put back all silicon pads and screw it up!

That’s all !! Thank you

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